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YourDailyPhotograph.com is a service for collectors of fine art photography, sharing a daily email of curated photographs for sale as well as an online archive for purchase. Our passion for fine photography is unparalleled and we enjoy helping collectors find the perfect fit for their collection.

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Top 10 Reasons Many of the World’s Best Collectors Choose Photographs from YourDailyPhotograph.com

1) Diversity of material. Many photographs in the Daily email can’t be found anywhere else. One day you might just like the photographs presented, and the next day you might find exactly what you want to collect.

2) Every print passes a careful, detailed inspection by the Daily’s experts before shipment to collectors. This same expert advice is available before - or after - any sale made on the Daily.

3) Whether you are buying a $100,000 photograph or a $400 photograph, you are taken care of by the same team. And your business is valued the same.

4) Vintage prints are matted in pH-neutral archival mats at no extra cost. Vintage works are also professionally cleaned and spot-toned at no extra cost.

5) All contemporary photographs are printed by or under the supervision of each individual artist. Each of these photographs is signed by the artist. The artist’s hand on each print guarantees you a collectable photograph from an emerging or contemporary artist.

6) Shipments are made via FedEx ground to guarantee the safe delivery of all photographs. Custom packaging ensures shipments arrive damage-free. Flat shipping fee is only $30 in the U.S., $80 outside the U.S. Free pickup from Los Angeles. Currently, FREE shipping is offered for purchases made on shop.yourdailyphotograph.com

7) All photographs are guaranteed as described. Returns are accepted within five days of purchase. 

8) YourDailyPhotograph.com is backed by Duncan Miller Gallery, a leading photography gallery in Los Angeles. 

9) The Daily’s archive of 3.5 million photographs (one of the world’s largest) provides a wealth of material for our buyers. You are welcome to send us any special requests for subject or material.

10) The founder of YourDailyPhotograph.com, Daniel Miller, visits a minimum of 10 countries every year, hunting non-stop for quality fine art photographs for our collectors to discover.

The "Daily" is run by Duncan Miller Gallery, located at 10959 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, tel: 310-838-2440, email: info@yourdailyphotograph.com